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    Eagle - (n.) Any large, rapacious bird of the Falcon family, esp. of the genera Aquila and Haliaeetus. The eagle is remarkable for strength, size, graceful figure, keenness of vision, and extraordinary flight. The most noted species are the golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetus); the imperial eagle of Europe (A. mogilnik / imperialis); the American bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus); the European sea eagle (H. albicilla); and the great harpy eagle (Thrasaetus harpyia). The figure of the eagle, as the king of birds, is commonly used as an heraldic emblem, and also for standards and emblematic devices. See Bald eagle, Harpy, and Golden eagle.
    Eagle - (n.) A gold coin of the United States, of the value of ten dollars.
    Eagle - (n.) A northern constellation, containing Altair, a star of the first magnitude. See Aquila.
    Eagle - (n.) The figure of an eagle borne as an emblem on the standard of the ancient Romans, or so used upon the seal or standard of any people.
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Bald eagle - () The white-headed eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) of America. The young, until several years old, lack the white feathers on the head.
    Beagle - (n.) A small hound, or hunting dog, twelve to fifteen inches high, used in hunting hares and other small game. See Illustration in Appendix.
    Beagle - (n.) Fig.: A spy or detective; a constable.
    Bold eagle - () an Australian eagle (Aquila audax), which destroys lambs and even the kangaroo.
    Eagle-eyed - (a.) Sharp-sighted as an eagle.
    Eagle-sighted - (a.) Farsighted and strong-sighted; sharp-sighted.
    Eagless - (n.) A female or hen eagle.
    Eaglestone - (n.) A concretionary nodule of clay ironstone, of the size of a walnut or larger, so called by the ancients, who believed that the eagle transported these stones to her nest to facilitate the laying of her eggs; aetites.
    Eaglet - (n.) A young eagle, or a diminutive eagle.
    Eagle-winged - (a.) Having the wings of an eagle; swift, or soaring high, like an eagle.
    Eaglewood - (n.) A kind of fragrant wood. See Agallochum.
    Gier-eagle - (n.) A bird referred to in the Bible (Lev. xi. 18and Deut. xiv. 17) as unclean, probably the Egyptian vulture (Neophron percnopterus).
    Porbeagle - (n.) A species of shark (Lamna cornubica), about eight feet long, having a pointed nose and a crescent-shaped tail; -- called also mackerel shark.
    Probeagle - (n.) See Porbeagle.
    Sea eagle - () Any one of several species of fish-eating eagles of the genus Haliaeetus and allied genera, as the North Pacific sea eagle. (H. pelagicus), which has white shoulders, head, rump, and tail; the European white-tailed eagle (H. albicilla); and the Indian white-tailed sea eagle, or fishing eagle (Polioaetus ichthyaetus). The bald eagle and the osprey are also sometimes classed as sea eagles.
    Sea eagle - () The eagle ray. See under Ray.
    Spread-eagle - (a.) Characterized by a pretentious, boastful, exaggerated style; defiantly or extravagantly bombastic; as, a spread-eagle orator; a spread-eagle speech.
    Teagle - (n.) A hoisting apparatus; an elevator; a crane; a lift.
    Water eagle - () The osprey.
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    Oxford: Definition:
    Eagle - n. 1 a large bird of prey with keen vision and powerful flight. B this as a symbol, esp. Of the us. 2 score of two strokes under par at any hole in golf. [latin aquila]
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Double eagle - n. Figure of a two-headed eagle.
    Eagle eye - n. Keen sight, watchfulness. eagle-eyed adj.
    Eaglet - n. Young eagle.
    Golden eagle - n. Large eagle with yellow-tipped head-feathers.
    Spread eagle - n. Figure of an eagle with legs and wings extended as an emblem. v. (spread-eagle) 1 (usu. As spread-eagled adj.) Place (a person) with arms and legs spread out. 2 defeat utterly.

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