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    Drunk - () of Drink
    Drunk - (p. p.) of Drink
    Drunk - (a.) Intoxicated with, or as with, strong drink; inebriated; drunken; -- never used attributively, but always predicatively; as, the man is drunk (not, a drunk man).
    Drunk - (a.) Drenched or saturated with moisture or liquid.
    Drunk - (n.) A drunken condition; a spree.
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Drunken - () of Drink
    Drunkard - (n.) One who habitually drinks strong liquors immoderately; one whose habit it is to get drunk; a toper; a sot.
    Drunken - (v. i.) Overcome by strong drink; intoxicated by, or as by, spirituous liquor; inebriated.
    Drunken - (v. i.) Saturated with liquid or moisture; drenched.
    Drunken - (v. i.) Pertaining to, or proceeding from, intoxication.
    Drunkenhead - (n.) Drunkenness.
    Drunkenly - (adv.) In a drunken manner.
    Drunkenness - (n.) The state of being drunken with, or as with, alcoholic liquor; intoxication; inebriety; -- used of the casual state or the habit.
    Drunkenness - (n.) Disorder of the faculties, resembling intoxication by liquors; inflammation; frenzy; rage.
    Drunkenship - (n.) Alt. of Drunkship
    Drunkship - (n.) The state of being drunk; drunkenness.
    Fordrunken - (a.) Utterly drunk; very drunk.
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    Oxford: Definition:
    Drunk - adj. 1 lacking control from drinking alcohol. 2 (often foll. By with) overcome with joy, success, power, etc. n. Person who is drunk, esp. Habitually. [past part. Of *drink]
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Blind drunk - adj. Colloq. Extremely drunk.
    Drunkard - n. Person who is habitually drunk.
    Drunken - adj. (usu. Attrib.) 1 = *drunk 1. 2 caused by or involving drunkenness (drunken brawl). 3 often drunk. drunkenly adv. Drunkenness n.
    Punch-drunk - adj. Stupefied from or as if from a series of heavy blows.
    Roaring drunk - predic. Adj. Very drunk and noisy.
    Rolling drunk - predic. Adj. Swaying or staggering from drunkenness.

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