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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Anadiplosis - (n.) A repetition of the last word or any prominent word in a sentence or clause, at the beginning of the next, with an adjunct idea; as, "He retained his virtues amidst all his misfortunes -- misfortunes which no prudence could foresee or prevent."
    Diploblastic - (a.) Characterizing the ovum when it has two primary germinal layers.
    Diplocardiac - (a.) Having the heart completely divided or double, one side systemic, the other pulmonary.
    Diplococci - (pl. ) of Diplococcus
    Diplococcus - (n.) A form of micrococcus in which cocci are united in a binary manner. See Micrococcus.
    Diploe - (n.) The soft, spongy, or cancellated substance between the plates of the skull.
    Diploetic - (a.) Diploic.
    Diplogenic - (a.) Partaking of the nature of two bodies; producing two substances.
    Diploic - (a.) Of or pertaining to the diploe.
    Diploid - (n.) A solid bounded by twenty-four similar quadrilateral faces. It is a hemihedral form of the hexoctahedron.
    Diplomas - (pl. ) of Diploma
    Diploma - (n.) A letter or writing, usually under seal, conferring some privilege, honor, or power; a document bearing record of a degree conferred by a literary society or educational institution.
    Diplomacy - (n.) The art and practice of conducting negotiations between nations (particularly in securing treaties), including the methods and forms usually employed.
    Diplomacy - (n.) Dexterity or skill in securing advantages; tact.
    Diplomacy - (n.) The body of ministers or envoys resident at a court; the diplomatic body.
    Diplomat - (n.) Alt. of Diplomate
    Diplomate - (n.) A diplomatist.
    Diplomate - (v. t.) To invest with a title o/ privilege by diploma.
    Diplomatial - (a.) Diplomatic.
    Diplomatic - (a.) Alt. of Diplomatical
    Diplomatical - (a.) Pertaining to diplomacy; relating to the foreign ministers at a court, who are called the diplomatic body.
    Diplomatical - (a.) Characterized by tact and shrewdness; dexterous; artful; as, diplomatic management.
    Diplomatical - (a.) Pertaining to diplomatics; paleographic.
    Diplomatic - (n.) A minister, official agent, or envoy to a foreign court; a diplomatist.
    Diplomatically - (adv.) According to the rules of diplomacy; in the manner of a diplomatist; artfully.
    Diplomatic - (n.) The science of diplomas, or the art of deciphering ancient writings, and determining their age, authenticity, etc.; paleography.
    Diplomatism - (n.) Diplomacy.
    Diplomatist - (n.) A person employed in, or skilled in, diplomacy; a diplomat.
    Diplopia - (n.) Alt. of Diplopy
    Diplopy - (n.) The act or state of seeing double.
    Diplopod - (n.) One of the Diplopoda.
    Diplopoda - (n. pl.) An order of myriapods having two pairs of legs on each segment; the Chilognatha.
    Diplostemonous - (a.) Having twice as many stamens as petals, as the geranium.
    Diplostemony - (n.) The condition of being diplostemonous.
    Epanadiplosis - (n.) A figure by which the same word is used both at the beginning and at the end of a sentence; as, "Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice."
    Obdiplostemonous - (a.) Having twice as many stamens as petals, those of the outer set being opposite the petals; -- said of flowers.
    Obdiplostemony - (n.) The condition of being obdiplostemonous.
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Diplodocus - n. (pl. -cuses) giant plant-eating dinosaur with a long neck and tail. [greek diplous double, dokos wooden beam]
    Diploma - n. 1 certificate of qualification awarded by a college etc. 2 document conferring an honour or privilege. [greek, = folded paper, from diplous double]
    Diplomacy - n. 1 a management of international relations. B skill in this. 2 tact. [french: related to *diplomatic]
    Diplomat - n. 1 member of a diplomatic service. 2 tactful person.
    Diplomatic - adj. 1 of or involved in diplomacy. 2 tactful. diplomatically adv. [french: related to *diploma]
    Diplomatic bag - n. Container for dispatching official mail etc. To or from an embassy, usu. Exempt from customs inspection.
    Diplomatic immunity - n. Exemption of diplomatic staff abroad from arrest, taxation, etc.
    Diplomatic service - n. Branch of the civil service concerned with the representation of a country abroad.
    Diplomatist - n. Diplomat.
    Gunboat diplomacy - n. Political negotiation backed by the threat of force.
    Shuttle diplomacy - n. Negotiations conducted by a mediator travelling between disputing parties.
    Undiplomatic - adj. Tactless.

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