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    Chip - (v. t.) To cut small pieces from; to diminish or reduce to shape, by cutting away a little at a time; to hew.
    Chip - (v. t.) To break or crack, or crack off a portion of, as of an eggshell in hatching, or a piece of crockery.
    Chip - (v. t.) To bet, as with chips in the game of poker.
    Chip - (v. i.) To break or fly off in small pieces.
    Chip - (n.) A piece of wood, stone, or other substance, separated by an ax, chisel, or cutting instrument.
    Chip - (n.) A fragment or piece broken off; a small piece.
    Chip - (n.) Wood or Cuban palm leaf split into slips, or straw plaited in a special manner, for making hats or bonnets.
    Chip - (n.) Anything dried up, withered, or without flavor; -- used contemptuously.
    Chip - (n.) One of the counters used in poker and other games.
    Chip - (n.) The triangular piece of wood attached to the log line.
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    Archipelagic - (a.) Of or pertaining to an archipelago.
    Archipelago - (n.) The Grecian Archipelago, or Aegean Sea, separating Greece from Asia Minor. It is studded with a vast number of small islands.
    Archipelago - (n.) Hence: Any sea or broad sheet of water interspersed with many islands or with a group of islands.
    Archipterygium - (n.) The primitive form of fin, like that of Ceratodus.
    Chipped - (imp. & p. p.) of Chip
    Chipping - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Chip
    Chipmunk - (n.) A squirrel-like animal of the genus Tamias, sometimes called the striped squirrel, chipping squirrel, ground squirrel, hackee. The common species of the United States is the Tamias striatus.
    Chipper - (v. i.) To chirp or chirrup.
    Chipper - (a.) Lively; cheerful; talkative.
    Chippeways - (n. pl.) A tribe of Indians formerly inhabiting the northern and western shores of Lake Superior; -- called also Objibways.
    Chipping - (n.) A chip; a piece separated by a cutting or graving instrument; a fragment.
    Chipping - (n.) The act or process of cutting or breaking off small pieces, as in dressing iron with a chisel, or reducing a timber or block of stone to shape.
    Chipping - (n.) The breaking off in small pieces of the edges of potter's ware, porcelain, etc.
    Chipping bird - () The chippy.
    Chipping squirrel - () See Chipmunk.
    Chippy - (a.) Abounding in, or resembling, chips; dry and tasteless.
    Chippy - (n.) A small American sparrow (Spizella socialis), very common near dwelling; -- also called chipping bird and chipping sparrow, from its simple note.
    Chips - (n.) A ship's carpenter.
    Inchipin - (n.) See Inchpin.
    Log-chip - (n.) A thin, flat piece of board in the form of a quadrant of a circle attached to the log line; -- called also log-ship. See 2d Log, n., 2.
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    Oxford: Definition:
    Chip - n. 1 small piece removed by chopping etc. 2 place or mark where a piece has been broken off. 3 a strip of potato, usu. Deep-fried. B us potato crisp. 4 counter used in some games to represent money. 5 = *microchip. v. (-pp-) 1 (often foll. By off, away) cut or break (a piece) from a hard material. 2 (often foll. By at, away at) cut pieces off (a hard material) to alter its shape etc. 3 be apt to break at the edge. 4 (usu. As chipped adj.) Make (potatoes) into chips. chip in colloq. 1 interrupt. 2 contribute (money etc.). A chip off the old block child resembling its parent, esp. In character. A chip on one's shoulder colloq. Inclination to feel resentful or aggrieved. When the chips are down colloq. When it comes to the point. [old english]
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Archipelago - n. (pl. -s) 1 group of islands. 2 sea with many islands. [greek arkhi- chief, pelagos sea]
    Chipboard - n. Board made from compressed wood chips.
    Chipmunk - n. Striped n. American ground squirrel. [algonquian]
    Chipolata - n. Small thin sausage. [french from italian]
    Chippendale - adj. (of furniture) of an elegantly ornate 18th-c. Style. [name of a cabinet-maker]
    Microchip - n. Small piece of semiconductor (usu. Silicon) used to carry integrated circuits.
    Silicon chip - n. Silicon microchip.

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