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    China - (n.) A country in Eastern Asia.
    China - (n.) China ware, which is the modern popular term for porcelain. See Porcelain.
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Chinaldine - (n.) See Quinaldine.
    Chinamen - (pl. ) of Chinaman
    Chinaman - (n.) A native of China; a Chinese.
    Echinate - (a.) Alt. of Echinated
    Echinated - (a.) Set with prickles; prickly, like a hedgehog; bristled; as, an echinated pericarp.
    Machinal - (a.) Of or pertaining to machines.
    Machinated - (imp. & p. p.) of Machinate
    Machinating - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Machinate
    Machinate - (v. i.) To plan; to contrive; esp., to form a scheme with the purpose of doing harm; to contrive artfully; to plot.
    Machinate - (v. t.) To contrive, as a plot; to plot; as, to machinate evil.
    Machination - (n.) The act of machinating.
    Machination - (n.) That which is devised; a device; a hostile or treacherous scheme; an artful design or plot.
    Machinator - (n.) One who machinates, or forms a scheme with evil designs; a plotter or artful schemer.
    Pseudo-china - (n.) The false china root, a plant of the genus Smilax (S. Pseudo-china), found in America.
    Shechinah - (n.) See Shekinah.
    Tachinae - (pl. ) of Tachina
    Tachina - (n.) Any one of numerous species of Diptera belonging to Tachina and allied genera. Their larvae are external parasites of other insects.
    Trichinae - (pl. ) of Trichina
    Trichina - (n.) A small, slender nematoid worm (Trichina spiralis) which, in the larval state, is parasitic, often in immense numbers, in the voluntary muscles of man, the hog, and many other animals. When insufficiently cooked meat containing the larvae is swallowed by man, they are liberated and rapidly become adult, pair, and the ovoviviparous females produce in a short time large numbers of young which find their way into the muscles, either directly, or indirectly by means of the blood. Their presence in the muscles and the intestines in large numbers produces trichinosis.
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    Oxford: Definition:
    China - n. 1 fine white or translucent ceramic ware, porcelain, etc. 2 things made of this. adj. Made of china. [china in asia]
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Bone china - n. Fine china made of clay mixed with bone ash.
    China clay - n. Kaolin.
    Chinaman - n. 1 archaic or derog. (now usu. Offens.) Native of china. 2 cricket ball bowled by a left-handed bowler that spins from off to leg.
    Deus ex machina - n. Unlikely agent resolving a seemingly hopeless situation, esp. In a play or novel. [latin, = god from the machinery, i.e. In a theatre]
    Machination - n. (usu. In pl.) Plot, intrigue. machinate v. (-ting). [latin: related to *machine]

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