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    Chili - (n.) A kind of red pepper. See Capsicum
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Chiliad - (n.) A thousand; the aggregate of a thousand things; especially, a period of a thousand years.
    Chiliagon - (n.) A plane figure of a thousand angles and sides.
    Chiliahedron - (n.) A figure bounded by a thousand plane surfaces
    Chilian - (a.) Of or pertaining to Chili.
    Chilian - (n.) A native or citizen of Chili.
    Chilian - (n.) Alt. of Chiliarch
    Chiliarch - (n.) The commander or chief of a thousand men.
    Chiliarchy - (n.) A body consisting of a thousand men.
    Chiliasm - (n.) The millennium.
    Chiliasm - (n.) The doctrine of the personal reign of Christ on earth during the millennium.
    Chiliast - (n.) One who believes in the second coming of Christ to reign on earth a thousand years; a milllenarian.
    Chiliastic - (a.) Millenarian.
    Trochilic - (a.) OF or pertaining to rotary motion; having power to draw out or turn round.
    Trochilics - (n.) The science of rotary motion, or of wheel work.
    Trochili - (n. pl.) A division of birds comprising the humming birds.
    Trochilidist - (n.) One who studies, or is versed in, the nature and habits of humming birds, or the Trochilidae.
    Trochili - (pl. ) of Trochilus
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    Oxford: Definition:
    Chili - var. Of *chilli.

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