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    Child - (n.) A son or a daughter; a male or female descendant, in the first degree; the immediate progeny of human parents; -- in law, legitimate offspring. Used also of animals and plants.
    Child - (n.) A descendant, however remote; -- used esp. in the plural; as, the children of Israel; the children of Edom.
    Child - (n.) One who, by character of practice, shows signs of relationship to, or of the influence of, another; one closely connected with a place, occupation, character, etc.; as, a child of God; a child of the devil; a child of disobedience; a child of toil; a child of the people.
    Child - (n.) A noble youth. See Childe.
    Child - (n.) A young person of either sex. esp. one between infancy and youth; hence, one who exhibits the characteristics of a very young person, as innocence, obedience, trustfulness, limited understanding, etc.
    Child - (n.) A female infant.
    Child - (v. i.) To give birth; to produce young.
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Children - (pl. ) of Child
    Childed - (imp. & p. p.) of Child
    Childing - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Child
    Childbearing - (n.) The act of producing or bringing forth children; parturition.
    Childbed - (n.) The state of a woman bringing forth a child, or being in labor; parturition.
    Childbirth - (n.) The act of bringing forth a child; travail; labor.
    Childcrowing - (n.) The crowing noise made by children affected with spasm of the laryngeal muscles; false croup.
    Childe - (n.) A cognomen formerly prefixed to his name by the oldest son, until he succeeded to his ancestral titles, or was knighted; as, Childe Roland.
    Childed - (a.) Furnished with a child.
    Childermas day - () A day (December 28) observed by mass or festival in commemoration of the children slain by Herod at Bethlehem; -- called also Holy Innocent's Day.
    Childhood - (n.) The state of being a child; the time in which persons are children; the condition or time from infancy to puberty.
    Childhood - (n.) Children, taken collectively.
    Childhood - (n.) The commencement; the first period.
    Childing - (v. i.) Bearing Children; (Fig.) productive; fruitful.
    Childish - (a.) Of, pertaining to, befitting, or resembling, a child.
    Childish - (a.) Puerile; trifling; weak.
    Childishly - (adv.) In the manner of a child; in a trifling way; in a weak or foolish manner.
    Childishness - (n.) The state or quality of being childish; simplicity; harmlessness; weakness of intellect.
    Childlessness - (n.) The state of being childless.
    Childlike - (a.) Resembling a child, or that which belongs to children; becoming a child; meek; submissive; dutiful.
    Childly - (a.) Having the character of a child; belonging, or appropriate, to a child.
    Childly - (adv.) Like a child.
    Childness - (n.) The manner characteristic of a child.
    Children - (n.) pl. of Child.
    Childship - (n.) The state or relation of being a child.
    Godchild - (n.) One for whom a person becomes sponsor at baptism, and whom he promises to see educated as a Christian; a godson or goddaughter. See Godfather.
    Grandchild - (n.) A son's or daughter's child; a child in the second degree of descent.
    Great-grandchild - (n.) The child of one's grandson or granddaughter.
    Stepchild - (n.) A bereaved child; one who has lost father or mother.
    Stepchild - (n.) A son or daughter of one's wife or husband by a former marriage.
    Unchild - (v. t.) To bereave of children; to make childless.
    Unchild - (v. t.) To make unlike a child; to divest of the characteristics of a child.
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    Oxford: Definition:
    Child - n. (pl. Children) 1 a young human being below the age of puberty. B unborn or newborn human being. 2 one's son or daughter. 3 (foll. By of) descendant, follower, or product of. 4 childish person. childless adj. [old english]
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Brainchild - n. Colloq. Person's clever idea or invention.
    Child abuse - n. Maltreatment of a child, esp. By physical violence or sexual molestation.
    Child benefit - n. Regular payment by the state to the parents of a child up to a certain age.
    Childbirth - n. Giving birth to a child.
    Child care - n. The care of children, esp. By a local authority.
    Childhood - n. State or period of being a child.
    Childish - adj. 1 of, like, or proper to a child. 2 immature, silly. childishly adv. Childishness n.
    Childlike - adj. Having the good qualities of a child, such as innocence, frankness, etc.
    Child-minder - n. Person looking after children for payment.
    Child's play - n. Easy task.
    Godchild - n. Person in relation to his or her godparent.
    Grandchild - n. Child of one's son or daughter.
    Love-child - n. Child of unmarried parents.
    Schoolchild - n. Child attending school.
    Stepchild - n. One's husband's or wife's child by a previous partner.

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