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    Chic - (n.) Good form; style.
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Anarchic - (a.) Alt. of Anarchical
    Anarchical - (a.) Pertaining to anarchy; without rule or government; in political confusion; tending to produce anarchy; as, anarchic despotism; anarchical opinions.
    Antimonarchic - () Alt. of Antimonarchical
    Antimonarchical - () Opposed to monarchial government.
    Archical - (pref.) Chief; primary; primordial.
    Bacchic - (a.) Alt. of Bacchical
    Bacchical - (a.) Of or relating to Bacchus; hence, jovial, or riotous,with intoxication.
    Bechic - () Pertaining to, or relieving, a cough.
    Bechic - (n.) A medicine for relieving coughs.
    Bronchic - (a.) Bronchial.
    Chica - (n.) A red coloring matter. extracted from the Bignonia Chica, used by some tribes of South American Indians to stain the skin.
    Chica - (n.) A fermented liquor or beer made in South American from a decoction of maize.
    Chica - (n.) A popular Moorish, Spanish, and South American dance, said to be the original of the fandango, etc.
    Chicane - (n.) The use of artful subterfuge, designed to draw away attention from the merits of a case or question; -- specifically applied to legal proceedings; trickery; chicanery; caviling; sophistry.
    Chicane - (n.) To use shifts, cavils, or artifices.
    Chicaner - (n.) One who uses chicanery.
    Chicanery - (n.) Mean or unfair artifice to perplex a cause and obscure the truth; stratagem; sharp practice; sophistry.
    Chiccory - (n.) See Chicory.
    Chiches - (pl. ) of Chich
    Chich - (n.) The chick-pea.
    Chicha - (n.) See Chica.
    Chichevache - (n.) A fabulous cow of enormous size, whose food was patient wives, and which was therefore in very lean condition.
    Chichling - (n.) Alt. of Chichling vetch
    Chichling vetch - (n.) A leguminous plant (Lathyrus sativus), with broad flattened seeds which are sometimes used for food.
    Chick - (v. i.) To sprout, as seed in the ground; to vegetate.
    Chick - (n.) A chicken.
    Chick - (n.) A child or young person; -- a term of endearment.
    Chickabiddy - (n.) A chicken; a fowl; also, a trivial term of endearment for a child.
    Chickadee - (n.) A small bird, the blackcap titmouse (Parus atricapillus), of North America; -- named from its note.
    Chickaree - (n.) The American red squirrel (Sciurus Hudsonius); -- so called from its cry.
    Chickasaws - (n. pl.) A tribe of North American Indians (Southern Appalachian) allied to the Choctaws. They formerly occupied the northern part of Alabama and Mississippi, but now live in the Indian Territory.
    Chicken - (n.) A young bird or fowl, esp. a young barnyard fowl.
    Chicken - (n.) A young person; a child; esp. a young woman; a maiden.
    Chicken-breasted - (a.) Having a narrow, projecting chest, caused by forward curvature of the vertebral column.
    Chicken-hearted - (a.) Timid; fearful; cowardly.
    Chicken pox - () A mild, eruptive disease, generally attacking children only; varicella.
    Chickling - (n.) A small chick or chicken.
    Chick-pea - (n.) A Small leguminous plant (Cicer arietinum) of Asia, Africa, and the south of Europe; the chich; the dwarf pea; the gram.
    Chick-pea - (n.) Its nutritious seed, used in cookery, and especially, when roasted (parched pulse), as food for travelers in the Eastern deserts.
    Chickweed - (n.) The name of several caryophyllaceous weeds, especially Stellaria media, the seeds and flower buds of which are a favorite food of small birds.
    Chicky - (n.) A chicken; -- used as a diminutive or pet name, especially in calling fowls.
    Chicory - (n.) A branching perennial plant (Cichorium Intybus) with bright blue flowers, growing wild in Europe, Asia, and America; also cultivated for its roots and as a salad plant; succory; wild endive. See Endive.
    Chicory - (n.) The root, which is roasted for mixing with coffee.
    Climatarchic - (a.) Presiding over, or regulating, climates.
    Colchicine - (n.) A powerful vegetable alkaloid, C17H19NO5, extracted from the Colchicum autumnale, or meadow saffron, as a white or yellowish amorphous powder, with a harsh, bitter taste; -- called also colchicia.
    Colchicum - (n.) A genus of bulbous-rooted plants found in many parts of Europe, including the meadow saffron.
    Czechic - (a.) Of or pertaining to the Czechs.
    Dabchick - (n.) A small water bird (Podilymbus podiceps), allied to the grebes, remarkable for its quickness in diving; -- called also dapchick, dobchick, dipchick, didapper, dobber, devil-diver, hell-diver, and pied-billed grebe.
    Dipchick - (n.) See Dabchick.
    Dobchick - (n.) See Dabchick.
    Elenchical - (a.) Pertaining to an elench.
    Elenchically - (adv.) By means of an elench.
    Ellachick - (n.) A fresh-water tortoise (Chelopus marmoratus) of California; -- used as food.
    Heptarchic - (a.) Of or pertaining to a heptarchy; constituting or consisting of a heptarchy.
    Hierarchic - (a.) Pertaining to a hierarch.
    Hierarchical - (a.) Pertaining to a hierarchy.
    Hylarchical - (a.) Presiding over matter.
    Machicolated - (a.) Having machicolations.
    Machicolation - (n.) An opening between the corbels which support a projecting parapet, or in the floor of a gallery or the roof of a portal, shooting or dropping missiles upen assailants attacking the base of the walls. Also, the construction of such defenses, in general, when of this character. See Illusts. of Battlement and Castle.
    Machicolation - (n.) The act of discharging missiles or pouring burning or melted substances upon assailants through such apertures.
    Machicoulis - (n.) Same as Machicolation.
    Monarchic - (a.) Alt. of Monarchical
    Monarchical - (a.) Of or pertaining to a monarch, or to monarchy.
    Oligarchic - (a.) Alt. of Oligarchical
    Oligarchical - (a.) Of or pertaining to oligarchy, or government by a few.
    Patriarchic - (a.) Patriarchal.
    Peachick - (n.) The chicken of the peacock.
    Pichiciago - (n.) A small, burrowing, South American edentate (Chlamyphorus truncatus), allied to the armadillos. The shell is attached only along the back.
    Psychic - (a.) Alt. of Psychical
    Psychical - (a.) Of or pertaining to the human soul, or to the living principle in man.
    Psychical - (a.) Of or pertaining to the mind, or its functions and diseases; mental; -- contrasted with physical.
    Psychics - (n.) Psychology.
    Sea chickweed - () A fleshy plant (Arenaria peploides) growing in large tufts in the sands of the northern Atlantic seacoast; -- called also sea sandwort, and sea purslane.
    Squab-chick - (n.) A young chicken before it is fully fledged.
    Stichic - (a.) Of or pertaining to stichs, or lines; consisting of stichs, or lines.
    Stomachic - (a.) Alt. of Stomachical
    Stomachical - (a.) Of or pertaining to the stomach; as, stomachic vessels.
    Stomachical - (a.) Strengthening to the stomach; exciting the action of the stomach; stomachal; cordial.
    Stomachic - (n.) A medicine that strengthens the stomach and excites its action.
    Synecdochical - (a.) Expressed by synecdoche; implying a synecdoche.
    Synecdochically - (adv.) By synecdoche.
    Tetrarchical - (a.) Of or pertaining to a tetrarch or tetrarchy.
    Thearchic - (a.) Divinely sovereign or supreme.
    Water chicken - () The common American gallinule.
    Water chickweed - () A small annual plant (Montia fontana) growing in wet places in southern regions.
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    Oxford: Definition:
    Chic - adj. (chic-er, chic-est) stylish, elegant. n. Stylishness, elegance. [french]
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Bacchic - adj. = *bacchanal adj.
    Chicane - n. 1 artificial barrier or obstacle on a motor racecourse. 2 chicanery. v. (-ning) archaic 1 use chicanery. 2 (usu. Foll. By into, out of, etc.) Cheat (a person). [french]
    Chicanery - n. (pl. -ies) 1 clever but misleading talk. 2 trickery, deception. [french]
    Chick - n. 1 young bird. 2 slang young woman. [old english: related to *chicken]
    Chicken - n. 1 a domestic fowl. B its flesh as food. 2 young bird of a domestic fowl. 3 youthful person (is no chicken). adj. Colloq. Cowardly. v. (foll. By out) colloq. Withdraw through cowardice. [old english]
    Chicken-feed - n. 1 food for poultry. 2 colloq. Trivial amount, esp. Of money.
    Chickenpox - n. Infectious disease, esp. Of children, with a rash of small blisters.
    Chicken-wire - n. Light wire netting with a hexagonal mesh.
    Chick-pea - n. Yellow pea-like seed used as a vegetable. [latin cicer]
    Chickweed - n. Small weed with tiny white flowers.
    Chicle - n. Milky juice of a tropical tree, used in chewing-gum. [spanish from nahuatl]
    Chicory - n. (pl. -ies) 1 plant with leaves used in salads. 2 its root, roasted and ground and used with or instead of coffee. 3 esp. Us = *endive. [greek kikhorion]
    Dabchick - n. = *little grebe. [old english]
    Mother carey's chicken - n. = *storm petrel 1.
    Psychic - adj. 1 a (of a person) considered to have occult powers such as telepathy, clairvoyance, etc. B supernatural. 2 of the soul or mind. n. Person considered to have psychic powers; medium. [greek psukhe soul, mind]
    Psychical - adj. 1 concerning psychic phenomena or faculties (psychical research). 2 of the soul or mind. psychically adv.
    Spring chicken - n. 1 young fowl for eating. 2 youthful person.

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