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    Check - (n.) A word of warning denoting that the king is in danger; such a menace of a player's king by an adversary's move as would, if it were any other piece, expose it to immediate capture. A king so menaced is said to be in check, and must be made safe at the next move.
    Check - (n.) A condition of interrupted or impeded progress; arrest; stop; delay; as, to hold an enemy in check.
    Check - (n.) Whatever arrests progress, or limits action; an obstacle, guard, restraint, or rebuff.
    Check - (n.) A mark, certificate, or token, by which, errors may be prevented, or a thing or person may be identified; as, checks placed against items in an account; a check given for baggage; a return check on a railroad.
    Check - (n.) A written order directing a bank or banker to pay money as therein stated. See Bank check, below.
    Check - (n.) A woven or painted design in squares resembling the patten of a checkerboard; one of the squares of such a design; also, cloth having such a figure.
    Check - (n.) The forsaking by a hawk of its proper game to follow other birds.
    Check - (n.) Small chick or crack.
    Check - (v. t.) To make a move which puts an adversary's piece, esp. his king, in check; to put in check.
    Check - (v. t.) To put a sudden restraint upon; to stop temporarily; to hinder; to repress; to curb.
    Check - (v. t.) To verify, to guard, to make secure, by means of a mark, token, or other check; to distinguish by a check; to put a mark against (an item) after comparing with an original or a counterpart in order to secure accuracy; as, to check an account; to check baggage.
    Check - (v. t.) To chide, rebuke, or reprove.
    Check - (v. t.) To slack or ease off, as a brace which is too stiffly extended.
    Check - (v. t.) To make checks or chinks in; to cause to crack; as, the sun checks timber.
    Check - (v. i.) To make a stop; to pause; -- with at.
    Check - (v. i.) To clash or interfere.
    Check - (v. i.) To act as a curb or restraint.
    Check - (v. i.) To crack or gape open, as wood in drying; or to crack in small checks, as varnish, paint, etc.
    Check - (v. i.) To turn, when in pursuit of proper game, and fly after other birds.
    Check - (a.) Checkered; designed in checks.
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Checked - (imp. & p. p.) of Check
    Checking - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Check
    Checkage - (n.) The act of checking; as, the checkage of a name or of an item in a list.
    Checkage - (n.) The items, or the amount, to which attention is called by a check or checks.
    Checker - (v. t.) One who checks.
    Checkered - (imp. & p. p.) of Checker
    Checkering - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Checker
    Checker - (n.) To mark with small squares like a checkerboard, as by crossing stripes of different colors.
    Checker - (n.) To variegate or diversify with different qualities, colors, scenes, or events; esp., to subject to frequent alternations of prosperity and adversity.
    Checker - (v. t.) A piece in the game of draughts or checkers.
    Checker - (v. t.) A pattern in checks; a single check.
    Checker - (v. t.) Checkerwork.
    Checkerberries - (pl. ) of Checkerberry
    Checkerberry - (n.) A spicy plant and its bright red berry; the wintergreen (Gaultheria procumbens). Also incorrectly applied to the partridge berry (Mitchella repens).
    Checkerboard - (n.) A board with sixty-four squares of alternate color, used for playing checkers or draughts.
    Checkered - (a.) Marked with alternate squares or checks of different color or material.
    Checkered - (a.) Diversified or variegated in a marked manner, as in appearance, character, circumstances, etc.
    Checkers - (v.) A game, called also daughts, played on a checkerboard by two persons, each having twelve men (counters or checkers) which are moved diagonally. The game is ended when either of the players has lost all his men, or can not move them.
    Checkerwork - (n.) Work consisting of or showing checkers varied alternately as to colors or materials.
    Checkerwork - (n.) Any aggregate of varied vicissitudes.
    Checklaton - (n.) Ciclatoun.
    Checklaton - (n.) Gilded leather.
    Checkless - (a.) That can not be checked or restrained.
    Checkmate - (n.) The position in the game of chess when a king is in check and cannot be released, -- which ends the game.
    Checkmate - (n.) A complete check; utter defeat or overthrow.
    Checkmated - (imp. & p. p.) of Checkmate
    Checkmating - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Checkmate
    Checkmate - (v. t.) To check (an adversary's king) in such a manner that escape in impossible; to defeat (an adversary) by putting his king in check from which there is no escape.
    Checkmate - (v. t.) To defeat completely; to terminate; to thwart.
    Checkrein - (n.) A short rein looped over the check hook to prevent a horse from lowering his head; -- called also a bearing rein.
    Checkrein - (n.) A branch rein connecting the driving rein of one horse of a span or pair with the bit of the other horse.
    Checkroll - (n.) A list of servants in a household; -- called also chequer roll.
    Checkstring - (n.) A cord by which a person in a carriage or horse car may signal to the driver.
    Checkwork - (n.) Anything made so as to form alternate squares like those of a checkerboard.
    Checky - (a.) Divided into small alternating squares of two tinctures; -- said of the field or of an armorial bearing.
    Counterchecked - (imp. & p. p.) of Countercheck
    Counterchecking - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Countercheck
    Countercheck - (v. t.) To oppose or check by some obstacle; to check by a return check.
    Countercheck - (n.) A check; a stop; a rebuke, or censure to check a reprover.
    Countercheck - (n.) Any force or device designed to restrain another restraining force; a check upon a check.
    Uncheckable - (a.) Not capable of being checked or stopped.
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    Oxford: Definition:
    Check - v. 1 a examine the accuracy or quality of. B make sure, verify. 2 a stop or slow the motion of; curb. B colloq. Rebuke. 3 chess directly threaten (the opposing king). 4 us agree on comparison. 5 us mark with a tick etc. 6 us deposit (luggage etc.). n. 1 means or act of testing or ensuring accuracy, quality, etc. 2 a stopping or slowing of motion. B rebuff or rebuke. C person or thing that restrains. 3 a pattern of small squares. B fabric so patterned. C (attrib.) So patterned. 4 (also as int.) Chess exposure of a king to direct attack. 5 us restaurant bill. 6 us = *cheque. 7 esp. Us token of identification for left luggage etc. 8 us cards counter used in games. 9 temporary loss of the scent in hunting. check in 1 arrive or register at a hotel, airport, etc. 2 record the arrival of. Check into register one's arrival at (a hotel etc.). Check off mark on a list etc. As having been examined. Check on examine, verify, keep watch on. Check out 1 (often foll. By of) leave a hotel etc. With due formalities. 2 esp. Us investigate. Check up make sure, verify. Check up on = check on. [persian, = king]
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Checked - adj. Having a check pattern.
    Checker - n. Person etc. That examines, esp. In a factory etc.
    Checker - n. 1 var. Of *chequer. 2 us a (in pl., usu. Treated as sing.) Draughts. B piece used in this game.
    Check-in - n. Act or place of checking in.
    Checkmate - n. (also as int.) Chess check from which a king cannot escape. v. (-ting) 1 chess put into checkmate. 2 frustrate. [french: related to *check, persian mat is dead]
    Checkout - n. 1 act of checking out. 2 pay-desk in a supermarket etc.
    Checkpoint - n. Place, esp. A barrier or entrance, where documents, vehicles, etc., are inspected.
    Check-up - n. Thorough (esp. Medical) examination.
    Cross-check - v. Check by alternative method(s). n. Such a check.
    Double-check - v. Verify twice.
    Rain check - n. Esp. Us ticket given for later use when an outdoor event is interrupted or postponed by rain. take a rain check on reserve the right not to take up (an offer) until convenient.
    Recheck - v. Check again. n. Further check or inspection.
    Spot check - n. Sudden or random check.
    Unchecked - adj. 1 not checked. 2 unrestrained (unchecked violence).

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