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    Chance - (n.) A supposed material or psychical agent or mode of activity other than a force, law, or purpose; fortune; fate; -- in this sense often personified.
    Chance - (n.) The operation or activity of such agent.
    Chance - (n.) The supposed effect of such an agent; something that befalls, as the result of unknown or unconsidered forces; the issue of uncertain conditions; an event not calculated upon; an unexpected occurrence; a happening; accident; fortuity; casualty.
    Chance - (n.) A possibility; a likelihood; an opportunity; -- with reference to a doubtful result; as, a chance to escape; a chance for life; the chances are all against him.
    Chance - (n.) Probability.
    Chance - (v. i.) To happen, come, or arrive, without design or expectation.
    Chance - (v. t.) To take the chances of; to venture upon; -- usually with it as object.
    Chance - (v. t.) To befall; to happen to.
    Chance - (a.) Happening by chance; casual.
    Chance - (adv.) By chance; perchance.
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Archchancellor - (n.) A chief chancellor; -- an officer in the old German empire, who presided over the secretaries of the court.
    Bechance - (adv.) By chance; by accident.
    Bechance - (v. t. & i.) To befall; to chance; to happen to.
    Chanced - (imp. & p. p.) of Chance
    Chanceable - (a.) Fortuitous; casual.
    Chanceably - (adv.) By chance.
    Chanceful - (a.) Hazardous.
    Chancel - (v. t.) That part of a church, reserved for the use of the clergy, where the altar, or communion table, is placed.
    Chancel - (v. t.) All that part of a cruciform church which is beyond the line of the transept farthest from the main front.
    Chancellery - (n.) Chancellorship.
    Chancellor - (n.) A judicial court of chancery, which in England and in the United States is distinctively a court with equity jurisdiction.
    Chancellorship - (n.) The office of a chancellor; the time during which one is chancellor.
    Chance-medley - (n.) The killing of another in self-defense upon a sudden and unpremeditated encounter. See Chaud-Medley.
    Chance-medley - (n.) Luck; chance; accident.
    Chancery - (n.) In England, formerly, the highest court of judicature next to the Parliament, exercising jurisdiction at law, but chiefly in equity; but under the jurisdiction act of 1873 it became the chancery division of the High Court of Justice, and now exercises jurisdiction only in equity.
    Chancery - (n.) In the Unites States, a court of equity; equity; proceeding in equity.
    Mischance - (n.) Ill luck; ill fortune; mishap.
    Mischance - (v. i.) To happen by mischance.
    Mischanceful - (a.) Unlucky.
    Mum-chance - (n.) A game of hazard played with cards in silence.
    Mum-chance - (n.) A silent, stupid person.
    Mum-chance - (a.) Silent and idle.
    Perchance - (adv.) By chance; perhaps; peradventure.
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    Oxford: Definition:
    Chance - n. 1 possibility. 2 (often in pl.) Probability. 3 unplanned occurrence. 4 opportunity. 5 fortune; luck. 6 (often chance) course of events regarded as a power; fate. attrib. Adj. Fortuitous, accidental. v. (-cing) 1 colloq. Risk. 2 happen (i chanced to find it). by any chance perhaps. By chance fortuitously. Chance one's arm try though unlikely to succeed. Chance on (or upon) happen to find, meet, etc. Game of chance one decided by luck, not skill. On the off chance just in case (the unlikely occurs). Stand a chance have a prospect of success etc. Take a chance (or chances) risk failure; behave riskily. Take a (or one's) chance on (or with) risk the consequences of. [latin cado fall]
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Chancel - n. Part of a church near the altar. [latin cancelli grating]
    Chancellery - n. (pl. -ies) 1 chancellor's department, staff, or residence. 2 us office attached to an embassy or consulate.
    Chancellor - n. 1 state or legal official. 2 head of government in some european countries. 3 non-resident honorary head of a university. [latin cancellarius secretary]
    Chancellor of the exchequer - n. Uk finance minister.
    Chancery - n. (pl. -ies) 1 (chancery) lord chancellor's division of the high court of justice. 2 records office. 3 chancellery. [contraction of *chancellery]
    Even chance - n. Equal chance of success or failure.
    Fighting chance - n. Slight chance of success if an effort is made.
    Lord chancellor - n. (also lord high chancellor) highest officer of the crown, presiding in the house of lords etc.
    Main chance - n. (prec. By the) one's own interests.
    Mischance - n. 1 bad luck. 2 instance of this. [french: related to *mis-2]
    Off chance - n. (prec. By the) remote possibility.
    Perchance - adv. Archaic or poet. 1 by chance. 2 maybe. [anglo-french par by]
    Treble chance - n. Method of competing in a football pool in which the chances of winning depend on the number of draws and home and away wins predicted by the competitors.
    Vice-chancellor - n. Deputy chancellor (esp. Administrator of a university).

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