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    Chair - (n.) A movable single seat with a back.
    Chair - (n.) An official seat, as of a chief magistrate or a judge, but esp. that of a professor; hence, the office itself.
    Chair - (n.) The presiding officer of an assembly; a chairman; as, to address the chair.
    Chair - (n.) A vehicle for one person; either a sedan borne upon poles, or two-wheeled carriage, drawn by one horse; a gig.
    Chair - (n.) An iron block used on railways to support the rails and secure them to the sleepers.
    Chair - (v. t.) To place in a chair.
    Chair - (v. t.) To carry publicly in a chair in triumph.
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Armchair - (n.) A chair with arms to support the elbows or forearms.
    Bedchair - (n.) A chair with adjustable back, for the sick, to support them while sitting up in bed.
    Chaired - (imp. & p. pr.) of Chair
    Chairing - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Chair
    Chairmen - (pl. ) of Chairman
    Chairman - (n.) The presiding officer of a committee, or of a public or private meeting, or of any organized body.
    Chairman - (n.) One whose business it is to cary a chair or sedan.
    Chairmanship - (n.) The office of a chairman of a meeting or organized body.
    Easy-chair - (n.) An armchair for ease or repose.
    Elbowchair - (n.) A chair with arms to support the elbows; an armchair.
    Enchair - (v. t.) To seat in a chair.
    Machairodus - (n.) A genus of extinct mammals allied to the cats, and having in the upper jaw canine teeth of remarkable size and strength; -- hence called saber-toothed tigers.
    Rocking-chair - (n.) A chair mounted on rockers, in which one may rock.
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    Oxford: Definition:
    Chair - n. 1 seat for one person usu. With a back. 2 professorship. 3 a chairperson. B seat or office of a chairperson. 4 us = *electric chair. v. 1 preside over (a meeting). 2 carry (a person) aloft in triumph. take the chair preside over a meeting. [greek kathedra]
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Armchair - n. 1 chair with arm supports. 2 (attrib.) Theoretical rather than active (armchair critic).
    Bath chair - n. Wheelchair for invalids.
    Chair-lift - n. Series of chairs on a looped cable, for carrying passengers up and down a mountain etc.
    Chairman - n. (fem. Also chairwoman) 1 person chosen to preside over a meeting. 2 permanent president of a committee, board of directors, etc.
    Chairperson - n. Chairman or chairwoman.
    Deck-chair - n. Folding garden chair of wood and canvas.
    Easy chair - n. Large comfortable armchair.
    Electric chair - n. Electrified chair used for capital punishment.
    High chair - n. Infant's chair with long legs and a tray for meals.
    High chair - n. Infant's chair with long legs and a tray for meals.
    Musical chairs - n.pl. 1 party game in which the players compete in successive rounds for a decreasing number of chairs. 2 series of changes or political manoeuvring etc.
    Pushchair - n. Folding chair on wheels, for pushing a young child along in.
    Rocking-chair - n. Chair mounted on rockers or springs for gently rocking in.
    Swivel chair - n. Chair with a revolving seat.
    Wheelchair - n. Chair on wheels for an invalid or disabled person.
    Wing-chair - n. Chair with side-pieces at the top of a high back.

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