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    Brain - (n.) The whitish mass of soft matter (the center of the nervous system, and the seat of consciousness and volition) which is inclosed in the cartilaginous or bony cranium of vertebrate animals. It is simply the anterior termination of the spinal cord, and is developed from three embryonic vesicles, whose cavities are connected with the central canal of the cord; the cavities of the vesicles become the central cavities, or ventricles, and the walls thicken unequally and become the three segments, the fore-, mid-, and hind-brain.
    Brain - (n.) The anterior or cephalic ganglion in insects and other invertebrates.
    Brain - (n.) The organ or seat of intellect; hence, the understanding.
    Brain - (n.) The affections; fancy; imagination.
    Brain - (v. t.) To dash out the brains of; to kill by beating out the brains. Hence, Fig.: To destroy; to put an end to; to defeat.
    Brain - (v. t.) To conceive; to understand.
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Addle-brain - (n.) Alt. of Addle-pate
    Addle-brained - (a.) Alt. of Addle-pated
    Brained - (imp. & p. p.) of Brain
    Braining - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Brain
    Brained - (p.a.) Supplied with brains.
    Brainish - (a.) Hot-headed; furious.
    Brainless - (a.) Without understanding; silly; thoughtless; witless.
    Brainpan - (n.) The bones which inclose the brain; the skull; the cranium.
    Brainsick - (a.) Disordered in the understanding; giddy; thoughtless.
    Brainsickly - (adv.) In a brainsick manner.
    Brainy - (a.) Having an active or vigorous mind.
    Clay-brained - (a.) Stupid.
    Cock-brained - (a.) Giddy; rash.
    Crack-brained - (a.) Having an impaired intellect; whimsical; crazy.
    Dull-brained - (a.) Stupid; doltish.
    Fat-brained - (a.) Dull of apprehension.
    Feather-brained/ - (a.) Giddy; frivolous; feather-headed.
    Forebrain - (n.) The anterior of the three principal divisions of the brain, including the prosencephalon and thalamencephalon. Sometimes restricted to the prosencephalon only. See Brain.
    Hairbrained - (a.) See Harebrained.
    Hare'brained' - (a.) Wild; giddy; volatile; heedless.
    Hindbrain - (n.) The posterior of the three principal divisions of the brain, including the epencephalon and metencephalon. Sometimes restricted to the epencephalon only.
    Hot-brained - (a.) Ardent in temper; violent; rash; impetuous; as, hot-brained youth.
    Interbrain - (n.) See Thalamencephalon.
    Lackbrain - (n.) One who is deficient in understanding; a witless person.
    Madbrain - (a.) Hot-headed; rash.
    Madbrain - (n.) A rash or hot-headed person.
    Madbrained - (a.) Disordered in mind; hot-headed.
    Midbrain - (n.) The middle segment of the brain; the mesencephalon. See Brain.
    Rattle-brained - (a.) Giddy; rattle-headed.
    Scatter-brain - (n.) A giddy or thoughtless person; one incapable of concentration or attention.
    Scatter-brained - (a.) Giddy; thoughtless.
    Shallow-brained - (a.) Weak in intellect; foolish; empty-headed.
    Shatter-brained - (a.) Alt. of Shatter-pated
    Sick-brained - (a.) Disordered in the brain.
    'Twixt-brain - (n.) The thalamen/cephalon.
    Water brain - () A disease of sheep; gid.
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    Oxford: Definition:
    Brain - n. 1 organ of soft nervous tissue in the skull of vertebrates, the centre of sensation and of intellectual and nervous activity. 2 a colloq. Intelligent person. B (often in pl.) Intelligence. 3 (usu. In pl.; prec. By the) colloq. Cleverest person in a group; mastermind. 4 electronic device functioning like a brain. v. 1 dash out the brains of. 2 colloq. Strike hard on the head. on the brain colloq. Obsessively in one's thoughts. [old english]
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Birdbrain - n. Colloq. Stupid or flighty person. birdbrained adj.
    Brainchild - n. Colloq. Person's clever idea or invention.
    Brain death - n. Irreversible brain damage causing the end of independent respiration, regarded as indicative of death. brain-dead adj.
    Brain drain - n. Colloq. Loss of skilled personnel by emigration.
    Brainless - adj. Foolish.
    Brainpower - n. Mental ability or intelligence.
    Brainstorm - n. 1 sudden mental disturbance. 2 colloq. Mental lapse. 3 us brainwave. 4 pooling of spontaneous ideas about a problem etc. brainstorming n. (in sense 4).
    Brains trust - n. Group of experts answering questions, usu. Publicly and impromptu.
    Brainwash - v. Implant ideas or esp. Ideology into (a person) by repetition etc. brainwashing n.
    Brainwave - n. 1 (usu. In pl.) Electrical impulse in the brain. 2 colloq. Sudden bright idea.
    Brainy - adj. (-ier, -iest) intellectually clever.
    Crack-brained - adj. Crazy.
    Feather-brain - n. (also feather-head) silly or absent-minded person. feather-brained adj. (also feather-headed).
    Hare-brained - adj. Rash, wild.
    Scatterbrain - n. Person lacking concentration. scatterbrained adj.

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