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    Battle - (a.) Fertile. See Battel, a.
    Battle - (v. t.) A general action, fight, or encounter, in which all the divisions of an army are or may be engaged; an engagement; a combat.
    Battle - (v. t.) A struggle; a contest; as, the battle of life.
    Battle - (v. t.) A division of an army; a battalion.
    Battle - (v. t.) The main body, as distinct from the van and rear; battalia.
    Battle - (n.) To join in battle; to contend in fight; as, to battle over theories.
    Battle - (v. t.) To assail in battle; to fight.
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Battler - (n.) A student at Oxford who is supplied with provisions from the buttery; formerly, one who paid for nothing but what he called for, answering nearly to a sizar at Cambridge.
    Battled - (imp. & p. p.) of Battle
    Battle-ax - (n.) Alt. of Battle-axe
    Battle-axe - (n.) A kind of broadax formerly used as an offensive weapon.
    Battled - (p. p.) Embattled.
    Battledoor - (n.) An instrument, with a handle and a flat part covered with parchment or crossed with catgut, used to strike a shuttlecock in play; also, the play of battledoor and shuttlecock.
    Battledoor - (n.) A child's hornbook.
    Battlement - (n.) One of the solid upright parts of a parapet in ancient fortifications.
    Battlement - (n.) pl. The whole parapet, consisting of alternate solids and open spaces. At first purely a military feature, afterwards copied on a smaller scale with decorative features, as for churches.
    Battlemented - (a.) Having battlements.
    Embattled - (imp. & p. p.) of Embattle
    Embattle - (v. t.) To arrange in order of battle; to array for battle; also, to prepare or arm for battle; to equip as for battle.
    Embattle - (v. i.) To be arrayed for battle.
    Embattle - (v. t.) To furnish with battlements.
    Embattled - (a.) Having indentations like a battlement.
    Embattled - (a.) Having the edge broken like battlements; -- said of a bearing such as a fess, bend, or the like.
    Embattled - (a.) Having been the place of battle; as, an embattled plain or field.
    Embattlement - (n.) An intended parapet; a battlement.
    Embattlement - (n.) The fortifying of a building or a wall by means of battlements.
    Enbattled - (a.) Embattled.
    Overbattle - (a.) Excessively fertile; bearing rank or noxious growths.
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    Oxford: Definition:
    Battle - n. 1 prolonged fight between armed forces. 2 difficult struggle; contest (battle for supremacy; battle of wits). v. (-ling) engage in battle; fight. half the battle key to the success of an undertaking. [latin battuo beat]
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Battleaxe - n. 1 large axe used in ancient warfare. 2 colloq. Formidable older woman.
    Battlebus - n. Colloq. Bus used by a politician during an election campaign as a mobile centre of operations.
    Battle-cruiser - n. Hist. Warship of higher speed and lighter armour than a battleship.
    Battle-cry - n. Cry or slogan used in a battle or contest.
    Battledore - n. Hist. 1 (in full battledore and shuttlecock) game played with a shuttlecock and rackets. 2 racket used in this. [perhaps from provenal batedor beater]
    Battledress - n. Everyday uniform of a soldier.
    Battlefield - n. (also battleground) scene of a battle.
    Battlement - n. (usu. In pl.) Recessed parapet along the top of a wall, as part of a fortification. [french batailler fortify]
    Battle royal - n. 1 battle of many combatants; free fight. 2 heated argument.
    Battleship - n. Heavily armoured warship.
    Embattled - adj. 1 prepared or arrayed for battle. 2 fortified with battlements. 3 under heavy attack or in trying circumstances.
    Pitched battle - n. 1 vigorous argument etc. 2 planned battle between sides in prepared positions and on chosen ground.

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