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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Accustomance - (n.) Custom; habitual use.
    Aeromancy - (n.) Divination from the state of the air or from atmospheric substances; also, forecasting changes in the weather.
    Alectoromancy - (n.) See Alectryomancy.
    Alectryomancy - (n.) Divination by means of a cock and grains of corn placed on the letters of the alphabet, the letters being put together in the order in which the grains were eaten.
    Aleuromancy - (n.) Divination by means of flour.
    Alomancy - (n.) Divination by means of salt.
    Al-phitomancy - (n.) Divination by means of barley meal.
    Anglomania - (n.) A mania for, or an inordinate attachment to, English customs, institutions, etc.
    Anglomaniac - (n.) One affected with Anglomania.
    Anthomania - (n.) A extravagant fondness for flowers.
    Anthracomancy - (n.) Divination by inspecting a burning coal.
    Anthropomancy - (n.) Divination by the entrails of human being.
    Arithmomancy - (n.) Arithmancy.
    Astragalomancy - (n.) Divination by means of small bones or dice.
    Astromantic - (a.) Of or pertaining to divination by means of the stars; astrologic.
    Austromancy - (n.) Soothsaying, or prediction of events, from observation of the winds.
    Axinomancy - (n.) A species of divination, by means of an ax or hatchet.
    Beadswoman - (n.) Alt. of Bedeswoman
    Bedeswoman - (n.) Fem. of Beadsman.
    Belomancy - (n.) A kind of divination anciently practiced by means of marked arrows drawn at random from a bag or quiver, the marks on the arrows drawn being supposed to foreshow the future.
    Bibliomancy - (n.) A kind of divination, performed by selecting passages of Scripture at hazard, and drawing from them indications concerning future events.
    Bibliomania - (n.) A mania for acquiring books.
    Bibliomaniac - (n.) One who has a mania for books.
    Bibliomaniac - (a.) Relating to a bibliomaniac.
    Bibliomaniacal - (a.) Pertaining to a passion for books; relating to a bibliomaniac.
    Boatwoman - (n.) A woman who manages a boat.
    Bondswoman - (n.) See Bondwoman.
    Bondwoman - (n.) A woman who is a slave, or in bondage.
    Botanomancy - (n.) An ancient species of divination by means of plants, esp. sage and fig leaves.
    Capnomancy - (n.) Divination by means of the ascent or motion of smoke.
    Cartomancy - (n.) The art of telling fortunes with cards.
    Catoptromancy - (n.) A species of divination, which was performed by letting down a mirror into water, for a sick person to look at his face in it. If his countenance appeared distorted and ghastly, it was an ill omen; if fresh and healthy, it was favorable.
    Ceromancy - (n.) Divination by dropping melted wax in water.
    Chaomancy - (n.) Divination by means of appearances in the air.
    Chartomancy - (n.) Divination by written paper or by cards.
    Charwoman - (n.) A woman hired for odd work or for single days.
    Chiromancer - (n.) One who practices chiromancy.
    Chiromancy - (n.) The art or practice of foretelling events, or of telling the fortunes or the disposition of persons by inspecting the hand; palmistry.
    Chiromanist - (n.) Alt. of Chiromantist
    Chiromantist - (n.) A chiromancer.
    Chiromantic - (a.) Alt. of Chiromantical
    Chiromantical - (a.) Of or pertaining to chiromancy.
    Cleptomania - (n.) See Kleptomania.
    Cleromancy - (n.) A divination by throwing dice or casting lots.
    Comanches - (n. pl.) A warlike, savage, and nomadic tribe of the Shoshone family of Indians, inhabiting Mexico and the adjacent parts of the United States; -- called also Paducahs. They are noted for plundering and cruelty.
    Coromandel - (n.) The west coast, or a portion of the west coast, of the Bay of Bengal.
    Coscinomancy - (n.) Divination by means of a suspended sieve.
    Countrywoman - (n.) A woman born, or dwelling, in the country, as opposed to the city; a woman born or dwelling in the same country with another native or inhabitant.
    Crithomancu - (n.) A kind of divination by means of the dough of the cakes offered in the ancient sacrifices, and the meal strewed over the victims.
    Crystallomancy - (n.) Divination by means of a crystal or other transparent body, especially a beryl.
    Dactyliomancy - (n.) Divination by means of finger rings.
    Dactylomancy - (n.) Dactyliomancy.
    Dairywoman - (n.) A woman who attends to a dairy.
    Daphnomancy - (n.) Divination by means of the laurel.
    Daywoman - (n.) A dairymaid.
    Decalcomania - (n.) Alt. of Decalcomanie
    Decalcomanie - (n.) The art or process of transferring pictures and designs to china, glass, marble, etc., and permanently fixing them thereto.
    Demonomania - (n.) A form of madness in which the patient conceives himself possessed of devils.
    Dipsomania - (n.) A morbid an uncontrollable craving (often periodic) for drink, esp. for alcoholic liquors; also improperly used to denote acute and chronic alcoholism.
    Dipsomaniac - (n.) One who has an irrepressible desire for alcoholic drinks.
    Dipsomaniacal - (a.) Of or pertaining to dipsomania.
    Domanial - (a.) Of or relating to a domain or to domains.
    Dragomans - (pl. ) of Dragoman
    Dragoman - (n.) An interpreter; -- so called in the Levant and other parts of the East.
    Drogoman - (n.) See Dragoman.
    Eleutheromania - (n.) A mania or frantic zeal for freedom.
    Eleutheromaniac - (a.) Mad for freedom.
    Englishwoman - (n.) Fem. of Englishman.
    Enoptomancy - (n.) Divination by the use of a mirror.
    Enwoman - (v. t.) To endow with the qualities of a woman.
    Fishwoman - (n.) A woman who retails fish.
    Forewoman - (n.) A woman who is chief; a woman who has charge of the work or workers in a shop or other place; a head woman.
    Gallomania - (n.) An excessive admiration of what is French.
    Gastromancy - (n.) A kind of divination, by means of words seemingly uttered from the stomach.
    Gastromancy - (n.) A species of divination, by means of glasses or other round, transparent vessels, in the center of which figures are supposed to appear by magic art.
    Gentlewoman - (n.) A woman of good family or of good breeding; a woman above the vulgar.
    Gentlewoman - (n.) A woman who attends a lady of high rank.
    Geomancer - (n.) One who practices, or is versed in, geomancy.
    Geomancy - (n.) A kind of divination by means of figures or lines, formed by little dots or points, originally on the earth, and latterly on paper.
    Geomantic - (a.) Alt. of Geomantical
    Geomantical - (a.) Pertaining or belonging to geomancy.
    Goman - (n.) A husband; a master of a family.
    Greco-Roman - (a.) Having characteristics that are partly Greek and partly Roman; as, Greco-Roman architecture.
    Gyromancy - (n.) A kind of divination performed by drawing a ring or circle, and walking in or around it.
    Haemomanometer - (n.) Same as Hemadynamometer.
    Halomancy - (n.) See Alomancy.
    Herb-woman - (n.) A woman that sells herbs.
    Herdswoman - (n.) A woman who tends a herd.
    Hieromancy - (n.) Divination by observing the objects offered in sacrifice.
    Horsewoman - (n.) A woman who rides on horseback.
    Hydromancy - (n.) Divination by means of water, -- practiced by the ancients.
    Hydromantic - (a.) Of or pertaining to divination by water.
    Hyomandibular - (a.) Pertaining both to the hyoidean arch and the mandible or lower jaw; as, the hyomandibular bone or cartilage, a segment of the hyoid arch which connects the lower jaw with the skull in fishes.
    Hyomandibular - (n.) The hyomandibular bone or cartilage.
    Ichthyomancy - (n.) Divination by the heads or the entrails of fishes.
    Kinswoman - (n.) A female relative.
    Kleptomania - (n.) A propensity to steal, claimed to be irresistible. This does not constitute legal irresponsibility.
    Kleptomaniac - (n.) A person affected with kleptomania.
    Krooman - (n.) One of a negro tribe of Liberia and the adjacent coast, whose members are much employed on shipboard.
    Lecanomancy - (n.) divination practiced with water in a basin, by throwing three stones into it, and invoking the demon whose aid was sought.
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Aircraftwoman - n. Lowest rank in the wraf.
    Airwoman - n. Woman pilot or member of an aircraft crew, esp. In an air force.
    Charwoman - n. Woman employed as a cleaner in a house.
    Chiromancy - n. Palmistry. [greek mantis seer]
    Dipsomania - n. Alcoholism. dipsomaniac n. [greek dipsa thirst]
    Ex-servicewoman - n. Woman formerly a member of the armed forces.
    Fancy woman - n. Slang derog. Mistress.
    Forewoman - n. 1 female worker with supervisory responsibilities. 2 president and spokeswoman of a jury.
    Frenchwoman - n. Woman of french birth or nationality.
    Gentlewoman - n. Archaic woman of good birth or breeding.
    Graeco-roman - adj. Of the greeks and romans.
    Holy roman empire - n. Western part of the roman empire as revived by charlemagne in 800 ad.
    Horsewoman - n. 1 woman who rides on horseback. 2 skilled woman rider.
    Irishwoman - n. Woman who is irish by birth or descent.
    Kleptomania - n. Obsessive apparently motiveless urge to steal. kleptomaniac n. & adj. [greek kleptes thief]
    Little woman - n. (prec. By the) colloq. Often derog. One's wife.
    Madwoman - n. Woman who is mad.
    Megalomania - n. 1 mental disorder producing delusions of grandeur. 2 passion for grandiose schemes. megalomaniac adj. & n. [greek megas great, *mania]
    Monomania - n. Obsession by a single idea or interest. monomaniac n. & adj.
    Necromancy - n. 1 divination by supposed communication with the dead. 2 magic. necromancer n. [from *necro-, mantis seer]
    Needlewoman - n. 1 seamstress. 2 woman or girl with specified sewing skill.
    Noblewoman - n. Peeress.
    Nymphomania - n. Excessive sexual desire in a woman. nymphomaniac n. & adj. [from *nymph, *-mania]
    Old woman - n. Colloq. 1 one's wife or mother. 2 fussy or timid man.
    Other woman - n. (prec. By the) married man's mistress.
    Ottoman - adj. 1 of the dynasty of osman (or othman) i or the empire ruled by his descendants. 2 turkish. n. (pl. -s) 1 turk of the ottoman period. 2 (ottoman) upholstered seat without back or arms, sometimes a box with a padded top. [french from arabic]
    Pomander - n. 1 ball of mixed aromatic substances. 2 container for this. [anglo-french from medieval latin]
    Pyromania - n. Obsessive desire to start fires. pyromaniac n. & adj.
    Roman - adj. 1 of ancient rome, its territory, people, etc. 2 of medieval or modern rome. 3 = *roman catholic. 4 (roman) (of type) plain and upright, used in ordinary print. 5 (of the alphabet etc.) Based on the ancient roman system with letters az. n. 1 citizen or soldier of the ancient roman republic or empire. 2 citizen of modern rome. 3 = *roman catholic. 4 (roman) roman type. [latin]
    Roman candle - n. Firework discharging flaming coloured balls.
    Roman catholic - adj. Of the part of the christian church acknowledging the pope as its head. n. Member of this church. roman catholicism n.
    Romance - n. 1 idealized, poetic, or unworldly atmosphere or tendency. 2 a love affair. B mutual attraction in this. C sentimental or idealized love. 3 a literary genre concerning romantic love, stirring action, etc. B work of this genre. 4 medieval, esp. Verse, tale of chivalry, common in the romance languages. 5 a exaggeration, lies. B instance of this. 6 (romance) (often attrib.) Languages descended from latin. 7 mus. Short informal piece. v. (-cing) 1 exaggerate, distort the truth, fantasize. 2 court, woo. [romanic: related to *romanic]
    Roman empire - n. Hist. That established by augustus in 27 bc and divided by theodosius in ad 395.
    Romanesque - n. Style of european architecture c. 9001200, with massive vaulting and round arches. adj. Of this style.
    Romanian - (also rumanian) n. 1 a native or national of romania. B person of romanian descent. 2 language of romania. adj. Of romania, its people, or language.
    Romanic - n. = *romance n. 6. adj. 1 a of romance. B romance-speaking. 2 descended from, or inheriting the civilization etc. Of, the ancient romans. [latin romanicus: related to *roman]
    Romanize - v. (also -ise) (-zing or -sing) 1 make roman or roman catholic in character. 2 put into the roman alphabet or roman type. romanization n.
    Roman law - n. Law-code of ancient rome, forming the basis of many modern codes.
    Roman nose - n. Aquiline high-bridged nose.
    Roman numeral - n. Any of the roman letters representing numbers: i = 1, v = 5, x = 10, l = 50, c = 100, d = 500, m = 1000.
    Romano- - comb. Form roman; roman and (romano-british).
    Romantic - adj. 1 of, characterized by, or suggestive of romance (romantic picture). 2 inclined towards or suggestive of romance in love (romantic evening; romantic words). 3 (of a person) imaginative, visionary, idealistic. 4 a (of style in art, music, etc.) Concerned more with feeling and emotion than with form and aesthetic qualities. B (also romantic) of the 18th19th-c. Romantic movement or style in the european arts. 5 (of a project etc.) Unpractical, fantastic. n. 1 romantic person. 2 romanticist. romantically adv. [french: related to *romance]
    Romanticism - n. (also romanticism) adherence to a romantic style in art, music, etc.
    Romanticist - n. (also romanticist) writer or artist of the romantic school.
    Romanticize - v. (also -ise) (-zing or -sing) 1 make romantic; exaggerate (romanticized account). 2 indulge in romantic thoughts or actions.
    Romany - n. (pl. -ies) 1 gypsy. 2 language of the gypsies. adj. Of gypsies or the romany language. [romany rom gypsy]
    Saleswoman - n. Woman employed to sell goods.
    Scarlet woman - n. Derog. Promiscuous woman, prostitute.
    Servicewoman - n. Woman in the armed forces.
    Superwoman - n. Colloq. Woman of exceptional strength or ability.
    Unromantic - adj. Not romantic.
    Washerwoman - n. Laundress.
    Welshwoman - n. Woman who is welsh by birth or descent.
    Woman - n. (pl. Women) 1 adult human female. 2 the female sex. 3 colloq. Wife or girlfriend. 4 (prec. By the) feminine characteristics (brought out the woman in him). 5 (attrib.) Female (woman doctor). 6 (in comb.) Woman of a specified nationality, skill, etc. (englishwoman; horsewoman). 7 colloq. Charwoman. [old english]
    Womanhood - n. 1 female maturity. 2 womanly instinct. 3 womankind.
    Womanish - adj. Derog. Effeminate, unmanly.
    Womanize - v. (also -ise) (-zing or -sing) chase after women; philander. womanizer n.
    Womankind - n. (also womenkind) women in general.
    Womanly - adj. Having or showing qualities associated with women. womanliness n.
    Yeoman - n. 1 esp. Hist. Man holding and cultivating a small landed estate. 2 member of the yeomanry force. yeomanly adj. [from earlier yoman, yeman, etc., probably = young man]
    Yeoman of the guard - n. Member of the sovereign's bodyguard.
    Yeomanry - n. (pl. -ies) 1 body or class of yeomen. 2 hist. Volunteer cavalry force raised from the yeoman class.
    Yeoman warder - n. (correct term for) a beefeater at the tower of london.

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