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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Egyptian - (a.) Pertaining to Egypt, in Africa.
    Egyptian - (n.) A native, or one of the people, of Egypt; also, the Egyptian language.
    Egyptian - (n.) A gypsy.
    Egyptized - (imp. & p. p.) of Egyptize
    Egyptizing - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Egyptize
    Egyptize - (v. t.) To give an Egyptian character or appearance to.
    Egyptologer - (n.) Alt. of Egyptologist
    Egyptologist - (n.) One skilled in the antiquities of Egypt; a student of Egyptology.
    Egyptological - (a.) Of, pertaining to, or devoted to, Egyptology.
    Egyptology - (n.) The science or study of Egyptian antiquities, esp. the hieroglyphics.
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Egyptian - adj. Of egypt. n. 1 native of egypt. 2 language of the ancient egyptians.
    Egyptology - n. The study of the language, history, and culture of ancient egypt. egyptologist n.

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